Workforce Development:
A Strategy that Works

Talk to any employer’s HR department, an elected official at the federal, state, or local level, as well as professionals working in a temporary placement agency, or an educator, guidance counselor in a school district, an economic development entity, as a workforce development board member and/or as a workforce development program provider and one of the hot topics you will hear is: “workforce, workforce, and workforce”! Within this topic it is often discussed “how to find solutions to” the problem of filling positions with the appropriate skill level and at an appropriate wage.  One sub topic on this issue is the idea of a jobseeker’s vs employer’s market.  If one were to Google the concept, approximately 23 pages of related information appears from various sources. (Google URL: Given that federal, state, and local unemployment rates are low, employers are having difficulty filling positions with appropriate candidates.  This leads to a jobseeker’s market with some of the best candidates for positions having several options to choose from.

In the reverse, the employer is in the driver’s seat and can be more selective about their candidates. Driven locally by several workforce related entities, the idea of how to address the problem and assist employers in filling the available positions has been discussed.  Combined with declining population, one of the possible solutions has led to a change in the current delivery of the annual job fair.

The PA CareerLink® Indiana County, in partnership with Indiana County K-12 Comprehensive Guidance Advisory Committee, Indiana County Center for Economic Operations (Indiana County Commissioners, Indiana County Chamber of Commerce, Indiana County Development Corporation, Indiana County Tourist Bureau, Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Offices of Senator Don White, State Representatives Jim Struzzi, Jeff Pyle, and Cris Dush and Renda Broadcasting are pleased to announce the Indiana County Employment Expo 2019.  This event replaces the annual job fair and happens in two phases.  The Expo will be held at the IUP KCAC, 711 Pratt Drive, Indiana, PA 15705. The time is 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

Phase One:  To build the workforce for the future, over 800 9th & 10th grade students from the Indiana County School Districts will attend the Expo in the from 10:00 AM to Noon.  Students with established vocational interests will participate in employer panel Q&A sessions by industry.  The undecided students will be able to visit and discuss career fields with the employers on the arena floor.
Phase Two:  In the afternoon, Veterans will be admitted at 12:30 PM and the public will be admitted at 1:00 PM for the job fair portion of the event. The job fair will run from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM. School students in the 11th and 12th grades who are looking for work (with parental and school permission) will be encouraged to attend the job fair portion of the Employment Expo.

There will also be a special Veteran’s Services section located near the registration table. Veterans will be able to obtain information about available services to assist them.

Registration is now open for all employers interested in the standard registration for the event. In addition, assistance will be provided for the co-sponsor registration and corresponding advertising specifications.  Employers may choose one level of participation and all participating entities may be contacted regarding additional advertising opportunities from our partnering radio broadcast stations hosted by Renda Broadcasting. 

This will be the employer’s opportunity to showcase their industry sector to hundreds of potential students as well as jobseekers currently looking for employment. A follow up email will be sent to each employer’s point of contact with specific information about the day’s activities.  The hope is to see employer’s attend and/or co-sponsor the Indiana County Employment Expo 2019.

Employer’s should contact the PA CareerLink® Indiana County and speak to a Business Service Team Representative at 724-471-7220 or email Kevin Lazor at with any questions.  Registrations are due by March 22, 2019, to meet advertising deadlines.  Again, this event will be held at:
IUP Kovalchick Convention & Athletic Complex (KCAC), 711 Pratt Drive, Indiana, PA 15705.

Employers, co-sponsors and veteran’s service providers can set up beginning at 8:00 AM & will be asked to have their booths set up by 9:30 AM.  Please contact the PA CareerLink® Indiana County with questions regarding services offered to Employers.  Information is available regarding establishing apprenticeships, on the job training, work opportunity tax credits, federal bonding, HIRE vets medallion program,
reasons to hire a veteran, UC employer topics such as the shared work program, etc.

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